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If you’re unsure when to visit the Virgin Islands, the answers may surprise you. Since they are located in the Caribbean and surrounded by water close to the equator, the islands have similar weather year-round. This makes planning a trip to this tropical paradise more predictable than some other destinations in the region (though it’s still important to watch for hurricanes). For instance, the high season lasts from December through March, with an added spike during spring break in early April. The low season is from August through October. However, other factors to consider like crowds, prices, and festivals can inform your decision about when you should go. Here’s what you need to know before booking your trip:

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  • Temperature ranges from the mid-80s during the day throughout most of the year, but it can drop into the high 60s at night in winter. Temperatures shouldn’t be a big deciding factor in your stay.
  • Rainfall levels vary throughout the year and by location on each island; for example, St. Thomas tends to get more rain in the Fall than St. John. Otherwise, the islands stay relatively dry during the Winter, Spring, and Summer.

High Season (Dec-Mar)

The high season for the Virgin Islands runs from December through March, and it’s during this time you’ll see the highest rates, most tourists, and the most crowds. If you can avoid traveling during this period—and if you’re willing to travel off-season—you will find that your airfare and hotel costs significantly decrease. However, many restaurants and villas close during the low season, leaving you with limited options for stays and activities.

However, if you must go during high season, booking early also helps get cheaper hotel rates. However, there are always some exceptions, so keep an eye out for those!

Low Season (Aug–Oct)

During this time, the weather is mild, and temperatures hover around 80°F. It is the rainy season, so you’re more likely to get caught in a storm that lasts about 5 minutes of heavy rain. It’s also an excellent season for people who like to relax on the beach all day and cook and drink at the villa after the day is done.

Also, since prices are lower during low season (and there are fewer tourists in general), it’s ideal for budget travelers who want to see as much of the Virgin Islands as possible without breaking their budgets!

Best Time to Visit the Virgin Islands

The best time to visit the Virgin Islands is from late October through November when temperatures range from the mid-80s. This is also when you’ll get a lot of sunshine and very little rainfall. While it’s still considered hurricane season (June 1 to November 30), there’s minimal risk for hurricanes during this time of year.


When to visit the Virgin Islands finally depends on your personal preferences. Traveling during the high season may be ideal if you’re up for a lively and festive mood (not to mention a bit of holiday splurge). You can also score some good deals if you travel in April or May, the off season. However, if you prefer an island-hopping experience with fewer crowds and want to spend less money, summer is the best time for your USVI vacation.

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