Buy Into The New Poker Club On St. John

St. John has a new poker club forming this October and is looking for new members.

There are no membership fees.

The buy-in is $100. There are up to 12 seats at the table.

  • First place wins $1000
  • Second place wins $100
  • Third place wins $100

The start time is 6:00 pm eastern standard time on Tuesday nights.

House Rules

  • Please no weapons at the table.
  • No smoking. No spitting.
  • The house has the authority to close any game at any time.
  • The house has the authority to remove any player, at any time, for any period of time.
  • Do not place anything on the poker table except your cards, your chips, and your drink.
  • Keep your cards and chips on the poker table and in plain view. Keep your big chips out front.
  • Never touch another player’s cards or chips.
  • Do not bend or mark the cards.
  • Only one player to a hand.
  • Players may not show their live cards.
  • Players who are all-in must reveal their hands when no further action is possible.
  • The cards speak for themselves.
  • Do not reveal your folded cards, either physically or verbally.
  • Check-raising is acceptable and … encouraged!
  • Unless you suspect cheating, please do not ask to view a hand that has been called.
  • No rabbit hunting (seeing what the next cards would have been).
  • Chopping (splitting) blinds is not permitted.
  • Only the English language may be spoken at the table.
  • No speaking on the phone at a table.
  • Be kind to the dealer and to other players.

Interested In Joining?

Contact us to join the poker club at info@mitchelt38.sg-host.com

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