How Not To Look Like A Tourist In The Virgin Islands

  • Buy Ferry Tickets In Advance

If you want to know how not to look like a tourist in the Virgin Islands, the ferry ticket line can be a mess near the time of departure at the top of the hour. Buying your tickets online or in person before you plan on catching the boat makes you look like a seasoned pro. You can book tickets online here.

  • Have A ‘Go-Bag’

All the residents of St. John have learned to carry a ‘Go-Bag.’ Make sure to pack a basic first aid kit, water, phone charger, beach towel, and a dry change of clothes. Pack lightly or you run the risk of looking like tourist.

  • Learn The Island Etiquette

It’s obvious to be nice to everyone and they’ll return the favor. Offer to buy your bartender a drink, tip your servers well, drive the speed limit (not over or under), be nice to the chickens, and don’t touch the radio at Tap & Still.

  • Avoid Taking Selfies On The Ferry Dock Or At Beach Bar.

We have a lot better views than the Ferry Dock. You’re going to have to resist the urge to take a million selfies. We’re happy you’re glad to be here, but do yourself a favor and take a quick taxi ride to the beaches and you can get some beautiful pictures like this one on the ride over.

St. John Beaches
  • Wear Your Seat Belt

Click it or ticket, the St. John police care a lot about safe driving. Tourists have been known to drive home after a few drinks. While our speed limit is only 25 if you get into an accident it’s most likely to only be a fender-bender. Wearing your seatbelt could save you from a clockwise nose.

  • Always Know Where You Left Your Towel

This really goes without saying, a well-put-together local knows where they left their towel.

Yeah, we do that here…

  • Know Where To Park

Slim Man’s lot is the closest to Wharfside Village and is right beside 420 to Center

Customs’ lot is in between Mongoose Junction and Wharfside Village. It’s right across the street from the Post Office.

The Mongoose Junction lot is right behind Mongoose Junction.

BMV lot is a walk from downtown but usually has a few spots open.

The Gravel lot at Car Barge is the furthest parking from downtown but offers the most parking

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