How To Join The Greengo’s Tequila Club On St. John

Our tequila correspondent, Adolf Oliver Nipple, reports live from Greengo’s on St. John.

Greengos Tequila Club

Greengo’s is a well-ranked, modern Mexican Cantina in Mongoose Junction

Tequila Club has no upfront fee to sign-up, but membership dues are paid as tequila shots.

You’ll provide your name, email, and phone number and choose a nickname as your public alias.

The club is centered around trying as many different tequilas, with a grand total of over 330 different bottles.

By the end of the journey, you’ll be a certified tequila connoisseur if you can remember any of them.

The Point System

Points are earned by trying different brands and bottles of tequila.

Reaching a certain level provides different rewards.

With a wall of over 300 different tequilas, there are ten tiers to the rewards system.

Gringos Tequlia Club Book

5th – $1 Off Future Drinks

30th – $2 Off Future Drinks + $30 Gift Card

45th – $3 Off Future Drinks

60th – $50 Gift Card

80th – Limited Edition Club Shirt

100th – Name on the Honorary Tequila Club Plaque + 20% Refund

150th – $100 Gift Card

200th – Free Mini Barrel Of House Tequila + $30 Refills

250th – $100 Gift Card

300th – Free Weekend Vacation

The Leaderboard

Currently, you can join the chalk leaderboard with only 28 tequilas.

Updates coming soon!

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