Island Community Divided Over Whether to Call It “Conch Fritters” or “Sea Snail Hushpuppies”

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands – A heated debate is currently taking place in the island community over what to call the popular fried seafood snack known as conch fritters. While some residents insist that the dish should be referred to as “conch fritters,” others argue that it should be called “sea snail hushpuppies.”

The issue has caused a major rift in the community, with residents taking to social media to voice their opinions. Supporters of “conch fritters” argue that it’s a more accurate description of the dish, as it’s made with conch meat. Meanwhile, those in favor of “sea snail hushpuppies” claim that it’s a more inclusive term that recognizes the dish’s cultural roots.

“Conch fritters are just a fancy name for fried sea snail,” said one local resident, who preferred to remain anonymous. “It’s time we start calling it what it is.”

However, not everyone is on board with the idea of changing the name. “Sea snail hushpuppies? That just sounds gross,” said another resident. “Conch fritters have a certain ring to it. It’s what people expect to hear.”

The debate has even reached local restaurants, with some changing the name of the dish on their menus. “We’ve always called it conch fritters, but we’re open to changing it if that’s what the community wants,” said a spokesperson for a popular seafood restaurant.

Despite the disagreement, both sides can agree on one thing: the deliciousness of the fried seafood snack. “Whatever you want to call it, it’s still the best thing on the menu,” said one resident.

At this time, it remains unclear whether the community will come to a consensus on the name of the dish. In the meantime, locals and tourists alike can continue to enjoy the tasty treat, no matter what it’s called.

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