Man Goes To Beach To Get Sweaty & Covered In Sand


It’s November, which means it’s time for travelers to head down to the Virgin Islands. I don’t know how you do it in the winter, but when it’s sunny out here in St. John, there’s nothing better than going for a day on the beach. The only problem is that most people don’t realize how much effort goes into looking like you’re having fun at the beach. That’s why we’re here today—to help educate everyone about what goes into being a beachgoer!

Tourist Goes Way To Hard On The Beach

In the days before he was forced to take a break from the beach, this tourist would have been sweating and drunk on the beach for hours. The sun beamed down on his dry, drunk body, causing an intense headache from dehydration. The sweat made grainy sand cover his skin as it dripped from his pores.

Dehydration, Eye Protection & Power Of Baby Powder

A headache from dehydration is a common occurrence and one that can be easily rectified with water. So make sure you bring some with you! Pedialyte is the pro-choice, make sure to bring a bag of ice to keep it cold.

If you’re wearing sunglasses—and if so, why wouldn’t you?—make sure they’re polarized to properly protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Consider bringing some eye drops with which to provide extra protection against sand getting into your eyes while at the beach.

If there’s one thing worse than sand in your mouth (which isn’t really possible), it’s sand in other places where there shouldn’t be any at all: like inside your ears or nose! To prevent this annoyance from happening while playing in the sand at the beach with friends this weekend bring baby power to easily wipe sand off your body without having to get wet.

Beach Showers – Find Them, Use Them.

The first thing you have to know about sand is that it gets everywhere. Sand sticks to your skin, your hair, and pretty much every part of your body. After a few hours at the beach, you’ll feel itchy and uncomfortable—you need to shower! A freshwater shower will also help get any salt off your skin and help prevent further sunburns.

You can also try using a towel as an aid in removing some of the sand from yourself after swimming. Consider a Turkish towel, they’re the softest for sunburnt skin.


We hope you’ve learned something from this article. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of a beach day, but it’s important to remember to cover all your bases.

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