Ranked: All Bathrooms In Cruz Bay, St. John

#1 Parrot Club

Parrot Club Restroom

Two Words: Air Conditioning

#2 Lovango Rum Bar

Lovango Rum Bar Restroom

Lavango Rum Bar restroom was clean, with good lighting, and spacious. The sink features and paper holder added a custom feel to the restroom. Making Lovango Rum Bar one of the best restrooms in Cruz Bay.

#3 La Tapa

La Tapa offers clean, but small restrooms. There soap is quite nice,

#4 The Longboard

The Longboard Restroom

The Longboard has a unique design with surf posters covering the restroom walls. In addition to the fresh smell and clean floors, Longboard takes fourth place in the best bathroom competition.

#5 Greengo’s Cantina

Gringos comes in a strong fifth place, the lighting makes you look great, and the restrooms are always clean unless you’re right after someone who just ate at Gringos.

#6 Cruz Bay Landing

Cruz Bay landing offers an at-home feel in its restrooms. They have good lighting and plenty of space.


#8 Rum Hut

Rum Hut Restroom

Not too shabby, kind of tight, and strange colors. Bur clean none the less.

#9 Tap Room

Tap Room is about like Beach Bars restrooms, but just significantly better ventilated.

#10 Beach Bar

Beachbar Restroom

The sauna of Cruz Bay, has light trash, and you cannot flush paper down the toilet, soooo. They also only have one restroom for both genders. I recommend walking over to Rum Hut or Parrot Club to take care of business.

#11 Tap & Still

Tap & Still Restroom

Tap & Still has clean restrooms, but you cannot flush paper down the toilet, so once again, gross.

#12 Woody’s

You feel like you’re in jail while using their restroom, but they do a good job at keeping the restroom clean.

#13 420 to Center

#14 The Literal Ocean

blue and clear body of water

The ocean is always a viable option for using the restroom. On a busy night, wear a bathing suit, and bring a towel.

#15 Public Restrooms

Cruz Bay Public Bathroom

The Public Restroom is usable but should be a last-ditch effort. The toilets never flush completely, so lots of leftovers and backwash. Yummy!

*Need to check the Terrace and Morgans Mango

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