US Virgin Island Gun Laws


U.S. Virgin Islands gun laws regulate the sale, possession, and use of firearms and ammunition. As a territory of the United States, U.S. Constitutional protections apply, including provisions prohibiting unreasonable search and seizure, cruel and unusual punishment, and equal protection under the law, as determined by court rulings in Puerto Rico v. Branstad. U.S. federal law also applies to the islands; for example, the Gun-Free School Zones Act can be prosecuted in the islands as it is in all other territories of the United States because although that law does not reference territories specifically, it does apply to “any place within” a school zone; since that phrase encompasses all U.S. places, then all U.S. places are included in its coverage regardless of what such areas might be called under territorial law.

Gun laws in the United States Virgin Islands regulate firearms and ammunition sales, possession, and use.

If you’re a legal resident of one of the fifty states or territories, you can bring your guns into USVI with you as long as they comply with local laws and regulations.

If you plan on bringing a firearm to the Virgin Islands, you must obtain a Virgin Islands Concealed Carry License. Otherwise it is illegal to own a weapon in the Virgin Islands.

State and territory laws regulate firearm possession and use to varying degrees. The National Rifle Association has criticized some states as having “may issue” or restrictive laws while praising others as having “shall issue” or permissive laws.

  • Some states/territories may require a valid reason for obtaining a license and passing a background check (such as allowing one to carry concealed weapons). The Virgin Islands requires three personal recommendations, a firearms training course, and licensing fee. Expect to spend $400 and spend a whole day in class.


The U.S. Virgin Islands’ gun laws obey United States federal gun laws, and the British Virgin Islands prohibit guns, as do British Government Laws. That’s the difference in gun laws between BVI and USVI. You can bring your weapons into the U.S. Virgin Islands after obtaining a Concealed Weapons Permit. You can purchase firearms from licensed FFL dealers. Another option for importing firearms into the Virgin Islands is 80% lowers, but all weapons must be registered with the Virgin Islands government.

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