What In St. John’s Name Is “Green Flash?”

Periodically there are shortages of Red Bull on the island, luckily for us, St. John Brewers produces an energy drink of their own.

Green Flash Energy Drink

St. John Brewer’s energy drink, Green Flash. Can be found on draft at the Tap Room and throughout the Virgin Islands. The best way to enjoy is via a ‘Flash Bomb.’ Its taste is similar to a Red Bull but less carbonated.

Pre-covid, they sold bottles of Green Flash, but recently it has only been on tap.

Flash, Ting & Red Bull

You might hear about Green Ting and Ting Bombs. While Ting is not produced on St. John, it’s very similar to Flash and is used as a substitute. In an effort of supporting local businesses, always ask for Flash first. Establishments like Tap Room and Tap & Still both have Green Flash on draft.

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