Does Verizon Wireless Service the US Virgin Islands?


The short answer is yes.

Verizon Wireless does provide service in the US Virgin Islands. You’ll still be covered by your exact plan when traveling in the US Virgin Islands.

USVI is part of the United States, and Verizon provides domestic service there.

In some remote areas, you might not be able to get a stable cellular connection through Verizon in the US Virgin Islands. However, you can use your existing Verizon phone number to make and receive calls if you have cell service.

Your phone might also show as “Roaming” in the USVI. Verizon domestic roaming occurs when your mobile device connects to a non-Verizon Wireless network in the United States, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands. You’ll want to toggle on Roaming.

You can travel to the Virgin Islands and use your phone — with limitations.

So you can travel to the Virgin Islands and use your phone without any additional charges. You may receive a message like the following. In Coral Bay, St. John the service may switch to British Virgin Islands. You’ll receive a $10 fine, when asked if they would reverse the fine, they were quite unapologetic. So be careful when making calls or using data around the international border.

No Service Or Slow Service

You may experience no service or slow service when you have bars indicating a connection to the network. What works the best is restarting your phone. Messages should start sending and being received shortly after.

After being on island for several months, i noticed my phone has limited access to certain apps even on the 4G network. After restarting my phone and even removing my SD Card, the service was still bad. I found that when i used my phone while i was on a call, the network changes to 3G and worked perfecty. If you can change your phone to 3G in the settings, you might have some luck.


You can make calls and use your phone in the US Virgin Islands without any additional charges or fees if you stay well within the international borders. The amount of time you spend in the US Virgin Islands will count your monthly allotment of minutes, texts, and data. You may have to pay overage charges at a per-minute rate if you run over your plan limits. For the most part, Verizon in the U.S. Virgin Islands works very well. But after an extended time in the islands, some issues have happened with the travel pass, and i’m not happy with their customer support response to the issues.

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