Sailors Guide To Boating St. John

Whether renting a dingey from Wharfside Watersports (Guide to Dinghy Rentals St. John here), or sailing your own vessel, here’s the Sailors’ Guide to Boating St. John, USVI. Aka how not to be a muddascunt on St. John.

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Anchoring & Mooring Fields

Within the National Park, there are public mooring fields where you can tie down for free during the day.

White mooring balls can hold vessels up to 60ft, Orange mooring balls have a max of 30ft. (See below)

Overnight stays typically run about $25/night.

There’s a limit of 5 days you can stay on the mooring.

It’s important to note that anchoring in the national park is strictly prohibited to protect reefs.

Mooring Categories – Vessel Length Limits

Orange Moorings
Orange Mooring – 30ft Vessel Limit
White Mooring
White Mooring – 60ft Vessel Limit
Cruz Bay Dinghy Dock

Public Dingey Dock

Public dingey docks are located in Cruz Bay and Coral Bay and are the best way to get to town from the mooring fields.

Please leave your engine lowered in the water to prevent dinghies from popping. The image above shows the incorrect way to leave your engine. Also, overnight parking on the dinghy dock is not prohibited.

Private Mooring Fields

Outside of the national park is all private moorings.

Do not moor your vessel on these fields or anchor your vessel within these limits.

Anchored vessels have been prone to bumping and you can be personally liable for damages.

Cruz Bay, Great Cruz Bay, and Coral Bay are all private mooring fields.

Beer Can Alley

Beer Can Alley is a slim passage between the shore and a reef off Moravian Point.

To avoid this passage altogether, stay past the channel marker when traveling from Cruz Bay to Turner Bay.

Reefs & National Parks

Fishing is prohibited within the National Park, but trolling is allowed.

Use Navionics app to find National Park territories and avoid reefs and shoals.

Keep an eye out for wildlife like Seaturtles while boating around St. John.

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